Fundación Albéniz / Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía

Madrid, Spain

The Reina Sofía School of Music was established in Madrid in 1991 in order to provide Spain with a centre of excellence for the professional training of international musical talent. Thanks to the support from governmental institutions and private sponsors, students have had the privilege to have access to an elite education. 

The Reina Sofia School of Music has a unique pedagogical project organised along the following principles. It boasts a faculty of the highest level recruited amongst the most prestigious international professors. It is committed to freedom of teaching, leaving it to the teacher to identify the specific needs of each individual student. In order to ensure highly personalised teaching, the School carefully selects a small number of excellent students, ranging between 5 and 10 for each musical department. The school ensures student excellence through a rigorous selection process based on a ‘talent only’ criterion. It is inclusive and committed to social justice, as the School will sponsor students of lesser means through a scholarship system covering both tuition fees and living expenses. The School’s aim is also to give students artistic experience. To give them the opportunity to develop their performance skills early, the it organises more than 200 performances open to the public each year.

The School has become a centre of excellence that attracts talent from all over Europe. It runs a number of projects backed by the European Commission, such as the Santander Encounter of Music and Academy, Magister Musicae,, Euroclassical as well as a few others, that bring together the best music centres from all over Europe.

The School has joined the enoa project in order not only to reinforce collaborations and exchanges between Eastern and Western as well as Northern and Southern countries in Europe but also to share knowledge and expertise and seize new opportunies.


Plaza de Oriente s/n, 28013 Madrid