Ghent, Belgium

LOD music theatre is a Ghent production company for opera and musical theatre, a creative base for performing artists. It undertakes to map out long-term trajectories; with such composers as Kris Defoort, Daan Janssens, Jan Kuijken, Vasco Mendonça, Dominique Pauwels and Thomas Smetryns, and with the directors Josse De Pauw and Inne Goris. In addition, we remain open to those who – always surprisingly, but never by chance – cross our artistic path: Patrick Corillon, Pieter De Buysser, Denis Marleau, Fabrice Murgia and François Sarhan. Our company is intended to be an overarching platform for these artists, and is meant to offer them the resources to develop their ideas.

It is now 25 years since we started creating productions that often turn out to set trends for the contemporary opera and musical theatre scene. The Woman who Walked into Doors and House of the Sleeping Beauties (Kris Defoort, Guy Cassiers), Die Siel van die Mier and De Gehangenen (Josse De Pauw & Jan Kuijken), Muur (Inne Goris, Dominique Pauwels), Ghost Road (Dominique Pauwels, Fabrice Murgia), The House Taken Over (Katie Mitchell, Vasco Mendonça), An Old Monk (Josse De Pauw, Kris Defoort) are just a few of the productions that embody our breadth of view. The results of these artistic joint ventures are not easy to categorise, and make a lasting impression.

LOD focuses resolutely on what is to come, among other things through our commitment to young talent. We are working on the future of musical theatre through the European Network of Opera Academis (enoa), which provides high-quality workshops for young performing artists and opportunities for lasting exchanges between international opera houses.

It all started in Ghent, a long time ago, with Lunch Op Donderdag ([Lunch On Thursday]. With a passion for musical theatre. And international collaboration has been one of the foundations of our work since the beginning too. LOD music theatre, an international production company and place of creation – a view of the world. Ghent-Made.


Bijlokekaai 3
9000 Ghent Belgium