Belgrade, Serbia

Operosa was founded in 2006 to promote young opera talent in the Balkan region. The aim of Operosa is to focus on repertoire ideally suited for young opera singers while working with established international guest artistic directors and showcasing opera as a modern form of art.

Operosa launched the first open air opera festival in June 2007 with a fully staged up-dated production of “Don Giovanni” by W.A. Mozart at Evksinograd Castle in Varna, Bulgaria. Operosa has since expanded into Montenegro and Serbia with numerous opera performances, classical music concerts and recitals .

Operosa has also developed a Young Singers’ Educational Program Operosa Academia with Master Classes, Recitals, Lectures and Workshops.

The Operosa Forum is the social network of all aspiring and established opera and classical music professionals and friends of the performing art. It is a worldwide online platform where artists can network between engagements and present examples of their latest work.

Operosa implements these objectives:

  • Promoting younger generation of operatic talent.
  • Providing the young artists an opportunity to work with established international artistic directors. 
  • Choosing operas that are ideally suited for developing young voices and their careers.
  • Transcending the story of an opera to modern day life and social circumstance.
  • Reaching new kinds of audiences by modern means of communication – both through the opera and modern media.