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Open Call for tailor-made residencies 2018/19

For the new generation of creators & opera makers


November 2017




A series of tailor-made residencies for the new generation of creators and opera makers.


We offer an opportunity for an artist to be part of an artistic institution for a varying length of time and develop an ongoing and fruitful relationship with it.
This special environment means the artist is immersed in an institution, discovering how it works and its different activities, taking inspiration from its artistic programme and taking part in outreach projects for the benefit of the public.
It is also a great chance for the artist to meet and talk with the institution’s singers, musicians and creators and to learn from them. The young artists benefit from a period spent in a creative environment. Over the course of the residency, one mentor from the institution will lead the artist through regular exchanges and meeting.
In return, the artist can contribute his/her outlook, imagination or creativity to the host institution.

The artist will also be expected to produce a paper out of his/her experience at the end of the Residency



In order to make this residency as tailor made as possible to the artist’s needs, the artist is expected to submit a proposal for a residency in a specific enoa institution.

Therefore the cover letter must include :

• name, surname
• profession
• nationality
• home town
• a description of the artist’s currents projects
• a description of his/her professional needs
• the project and shape of the residency and the corresponding enoa hosting institution
• the expected outputs of this residency for the artist-in-residence and for the institution (ex: Beyond the observation part of the residency, what could you bring to the Institution?)
• the ideal period for the residency
• if the artist had already activities with one of the 13 enoa institutions, it is highly recommended to indicate them


CV and cover letter (2 pages max / in English) should be sent to residency@enoa-community.com  
You can also include your portfolio.

• Applications are mainly open for creators and conductors highly interested in the development of new operatic and theatre musical forms, and in the role of the creation for the renewal of the opera going audience
• The Residency should involve contacts with the local audience
• A grant between 1000€ and 3000€ will be given to the selected artists (depending on the length, the shape and the place of the residency, covering basically travels and accommodation on the basis of 1000€/month)
• Language: English

Do not hesitate to have a look on the past enoa residencies.




30th January 2018