Opera conducting – part 1 (Waterloo)

Wednesday 10th May 2017 - Sunday 14th May 2017
Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Waterloo, Belgium

There are very limited chances internationally for young orchestra conductors to learn to work as an orchestra conductor with opera repertoire. This is the reason why three enoa coorganisers joined forces for a three part workshop on opera conducting.

During three periods in three different places – Amsterdam (Dutch National Opera), Waterloo (Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel) and Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) – a series of training workshops on different aspects of conducting will take place, fostering participants skills on choir, orchestra and soloists conducting.

The same group of conductors will take part in all three phases of the workshop.

The workshop’s objectives at the Music Chapel: conductors will learn to work with soloists in opera repertoire.

Tutors: Italian Conductor Carlo Rizzi for all three workshops. 

There will be one public masterclass with local audience at the Music Chapel. 

 Click here for description of part 2

Application process for the artists willing to apply: 
- the artist must be connected to one of the 13 enoa member institutions 
- the artist must contact his/her sending institution, which decides if they recommend his/her application  
- the hosting institution confirms the list of participants after the registration deadline
- the network assumes the responsibility for the training fees, the costs of accommodation and travel (fully or partly according to each institution’s internal rules)
*Per-diem are paid or not according to each institution’s internal rules

© Marcia Lessa

Cast open to:
Conductors, Pianists, Singers


445 Chaussée de Tervuren
1410 Waterloo, Belgium

practical information

Subscription's Deadline:
1st February 2017

7 enoa conductors, 2 pianists and 6 singers

Arrival date: 9th May

Departure date: 14th evening or 15th May

artistic requirements

Selection Criteria:
the three organising enoa partners will select the conductors. The same group of conductors takes part in all three parts of the workshop : Waterloo May 10-14 2017, Amsterdam May 30-June 4 2017, Lisbon July 4-8 2017

For singers in Waterloo, from all main four voice types. Mixed enoa - Music Chapel. For pianists repetiteur: 1 enoa, 1 Musicchapel

Programme to prepare:

For singers, programme to prepare: 3 aria’s from different style and one with recitativo

Depending on the program, the selected singers can be asked for participating in the workshop in Gulbenkian (July 4-8)

Specific expectations:
Workshop for young extremely talented conductors with a strong interest and motivation to have a career in opera.