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Delivered by renowned artists and lecturers, the enoa workshops cover a wide range of topics including vocal technique, directing, composition, dramaturgy, multimedia, costume and set design. They are aimed at various opera careers (singers, accompanying pianists, authors, composers, directors, conductors, set designers, etc.) and take the form of skills acquisition and technical improvement workshops, or of reflection workshops addressing issues facing opera creation today.
Within an intimate and stimulating atmosphere, the workshops offer plenty of room for exchange and collaboration between young artists, allowing them to benefit from each other’s creativity. 60 workshops have been scheduled to take place between May 2016 and April 2020.

The residencies offer a young creator the opportunity to be hosted by an artistic institution for a variable period of time, and to develop a supported, rewarding relationship with it that may lead to the development of a specific project.

The labs are experimental workshops for young creative teams, formed around a specific project.
Their goal is to provide the space and the material and human resources necessary to develop and test the artistic concepts in a welcoming and stimulating environment for several days. The labs are not open to apply, the creative teams are directly invited by enoa. 

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