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The Sleeping Thousand

Adam Maor, Yonatan Levy

The Sleeping Thousand is a work treating the socio-political predicament in Israel Palestine, with the Orphic themes of underworld, yearning and redemption – as its basis and point of departure.

Associated artists

Adam Maor


Yonatan Levy

writer & stage director

« As a composer, one of my axes of research has been how to include political themes into my work in an artistically meaningful way. In a number of pieces, I refer to specific events from my region of the world’s recent history, attempting to construct an alternative personal narrative. (...) The project The Sleeping Thousand marks my return to working with text - one of the focus points throughout my early compositional development - prompted by the encounter with Yonatan Levy’s emotionally charged work. Although the idea of writing for theatre had been present for some time - the seeds were sown during the Opera Creation Workshop at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence (2012) - it’s as if I was waiting for the right collaborator and story to tell for this project to come into being. (...)


The Sleeping Thousand begins as the depiction of a realistic and almost trivial situation in Israeli society but quickly becomes more and more imaginary, opening up to a plurality of interpretations - the possibility of presenting the work to different audiences is particularly interesting in this sense. Musically, this project will allow me to explore a whole range of genres, bringing together different aspects of my work, bound together for the first time by the operatic form. »  


Adam Maor