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For us Europe is not an abstract concept but a reality and the richness of its cultural diversity and talent is what defines us. Like Europe, our lively community is constantly evolving and growing together through dialogue and partnership.

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By creating innovative networks of collaboration and exchange, we aim to facilitate the long-standing synergies existing  between East and West, North and South, between theory and practice, between the expert and the novice, between the artistic and managerial aspects of opera.

Charlie Piper, Composer from UK
Took part to the 2011 opera creation workshop

“The programme is great, we met lots of really interesting people from different facets of the profession, providing a broad and provocative discussion amongst the group. The atmosphere is great too. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and there was a good chemistry amongst the group.”

Andresz Kwieciński
Took part to the 2012 composition for voices workshop at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

“I found the enoa workshop very exciting. It was thoroughly wonderful experience! I really enjoyed working with Luca Francesconi and the wonderful musicians from the Orquestra Gulbenkian. The atmosphere of the workshop was very pleasant.”

Balázs Kovalik
Stage director

« What united the group was a very good preparation for the workshop. They had excellent questions, going deep into the subject. I could feel that right from the first session when they gave feedback to what they had observed in the dress rehearsal the day before. It became immediately evident that they were interested in the whole production process. I really enjoyed the discussions with them. »

Tomazs Kumiega, baritone from Poland
Took part to the 2012 vocal workshop on Mozart opera at the Teatr Wielki - PNO

" Vocal lessons with Olga Pasichnyk were very interesting. Made me realize that Mozart sings differently. This great world opera star, she was very open to conversation and advice. Spent their classes with her in a very relaxed atmosphere."

Rares Zaharia, stage director from Romania
Took part to the 2011 Opera Creation workshop at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence

" The programme was very intense, but extremely interesting and rich. The richness of the speakers and the sheer number of artists that we met was absolutely fantastic. The fact that we got to see a lot of the dress rehearsals was very helpful in understanding the creative process of the artists invited in the Aix-en-Provence Festival "

of Opera


WK_Warsaw NOV 5_calibreOpera is quintessentially a European art form, a mirror of the continent’s cultural diversity. Over the centuries, opera has contributed to a common European heritage, largely endorsed by all European nations. We wish to share our passion for opera and find ways to replenish the genre.



Our members are musical institutions and training centres for young artists. Together, we aim at giving young artists the opportunity to benefit from each others’ experiences, perfect their skills and develop their career on a European level.