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Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival

Eugene Birman

Residency for a composer

17 August - 02 September 2018

Helsinki Festival

Composer Eugene Birman was invited by the Helsinki Festival for a residency to develop his opera project Russia: Today

In the frame of it, he had the opportunity to present his project in development to an audience during the Night of Arts, to collaborate with the Russian and Karelian communities in Finland, and to partner with researchers at the University of Helsinki and librettist Scott Diel.


This event enabled him to further develop his composition based on the texts collected from anonymous contributions during the Night of Arts event and previous event staged at kim? Contemporary Arts Centre as part of EU National Institutes of Culture residency. 


Russia: Today will create a musical narrative for the untold experiences and uncensored opinions of the project’s participants, and in a larger sense, a forum for the cross-generational nightmares and dreams.