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Snape Maltings

Snape Maltings

Jug Marković

Residency for a composer

02 - 05 December 2017

Snape Maltings

Serbian composer Jug Marković is invited by Snape Maltings to work on his project incidAnces. His Residency will be mentored by English composer Michael Finnissy. 

incidAnces is a set of short pieces for flute, clarinet, contrabass and soprano. It is based on the texts of Russian avant-garde writer Danil Kharms (1905-1942).


Each musical piece is based on one of Kharms’s short stories from his book Incidences written in 1939. 


During his Residency, Jug Marković will work with musicians and a singer to explore the theatrical element within the performance ; theatrical and dramaturgical elements are written and notated in the score, such as grimaces, facial expressions, positioning of musicians, very subtle body language and very simple manipulation of lights within a concert or rehearsing space.


The Residency will culminate with an open session on Wednesday 6th December at 6pm.