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Interview of Lola Gruber & Pedro Ribeiro

on the first residency of the Young Opera Makers programme


French dramaturge Lola Gruber and Portuguese stage director Pedro Ribeiro, who is currently working on an enoa opera project called Outra Margem, participated to the first residency of the Young Opera Makers programme. From March 3rd to 18th, they plunged into Belgium's opera and music theatre landscape upon the invitation of La Monnaie / De Munt and LOD muziektheater



What were your expectations before starting the residency?


Pedro - I was expecting to see a lot of new pieces to try to understand what Belgium’s cultural landscape is. In two weeks we saw fifteen shows and met lots of people.


Lola - I think I wanted to get out of my professional position which is working for communications and artistic programmes of theatres and festivals. I was also looking to being more directly involved into the artistic process and meet people to start something new. 


How did you feel about being two artists in residence at the same time?


Pedro - Meeting Lola was probably the best thing, it was interesting to be two artists in residence because we come from different places but the reading of the shows matched most of the time.


Lola - It was very complementary: I lived in Belgium and studied in a theater school there so I could tell him about hidden lines that I knew. Pedro has a lot of experience, he is a musician and he has worked much more in Opera than I have.


Have this residency given rise to new projects?


Lola - I have been wanting to work on a play by Nathalie Sarraute, it’s a piece for two actors. I know now that I want to do it with Flemish actors who have worked together a lot and who are in their fifties to sixties. It’s a play written for the radio, but I want it to be danced.


And ideas for the staging of Nuno da Rocha's new piece, Outra Margem?


Pedro - What I saw here gave me confidence about my ideas for the staging of Nuno da Rocha's piece. 



Extract - Interviewed by Anne-Flavie Germain, March 2017