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participatory opera

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Building participatory projects

in music theater & opera

23 - 27 November 2017

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Participatory project for young artists to connect art and the cosmopolitan world we are living in.

This workshop hopes to inspire participants to start creating their own participatory opera(s).


It challenges us to find the inspiration to think and create the stories we want to hear in the future on stage.


It invites us to put the crucial questions on the table: “ What are the stories we want to hear in the future within the opera? What are the stories and the sound of the opera in our cosmopolitan world, what is the role of the classical singer? ” 


In what way are the young artists going to participate? What will be the format?

Within this project we want to find, hear and create the stories of our global / cosmopolitan world. Unknown stories, which are the basis for new texts and compositions.


Participants will come with ideas for a participatory project and will discuss them with Anthony Heidweiller and other artists who already took part in participatory opera projects. The participants will receive feedback from them. 


In Amsterdam West the participants will meet people from this neighbourhood. For example: the policeman to get to know the stories of the people living there. These stories could become the focus of a participatory opera. This is meant as an example of what a participatory project could be, participants will be invited to continue to develop their own ideas. We will create a safe environment for them. 


Profile of the participants: all creators from all backgrounds and musical genres


Example of a participatory project: BOOM by Dutch National Opera and Anthony Heidweiller (in Dutch). 

 Application process for the artists willing to apply

The recruitment process is specific to each workshop, it is not compulsory for the participants to attend to both parts of the cycle.

- the artist must be connected to one of the 13 enoa member institutions
- the artist must contact his/her sending institution, which decides if they recommend his/her application
- the hosting institution confirms the list of participants after the registration deadline
- the network assumes the responsibility for the training fees, the costs of accommodation and travel 
- per-diem are paid or not according to each institution’s internal rules


 Practical information

Teachers: Anthony Heidweiller

Subscription's deadline: 22nd October 2017




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Anthony Heidweiller

baritone, operamaker, creator