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LOD muziektheater

LOD muziektheater

Composition workshop 1

09 - 13 December 2013

LOD muziektheater

First workshop: 9-13 December 2013

-       voice a cappella (with or without amplification)
-       voice with accompaniment (viola da gamba or Paetzold bass recorder, or composers’ own instrument)

Second workshop: 1-5 December 2014

-       idem + electronics (live and/or prepared)

During the first workshop in December 2013, the composers will work with the four highly experienced singers of VOCAALLAB (high soprano, mezzo/alto, low tenor, baritone) and Eva Reiter (viola da gamba, Paetzold bass recorder) on these pieces. The singers will also present topics from older and contemporary repertoire (if possible also from the participants!), in order to study and compare this material, to share their experiences, and show them different ways of singing and writing for the voice, including topics like the use of text, the different styles of vocalization (from bel canto to traditional or popular voices, world music, noises and new sounds made possible by amplification, the voice as pure instrument, speaking and transitioning from speaking to singing).

This workshop includes a lecture by Wouter Snoei, regarding the question of how to use electronics in relation to voice.

Some of the pieces will be played the last day of the first session during an informal concert.

At the end of the first workshop the artistic team will invite the composers

- to extend one of their one-minute-pieces (to 10 minutes max) and/or

- to prepare a work (10 minutes max) for voice (1-4) and (live and/or prepared) electronics.