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© Michiel Devijver


Be My Superstar

Simon Vosecek, Alexandra Lacroix

14 August 2019

World premiere on 14 August, 2019


Concept & stage direction  Alexandra Lacroix
Composition  Šimon Voseček


Libretto after the theatre piece Bullied - ordinary tragedies by Yann Verburgh 

Libretto (adaptation)  Aïda Gabriels, Alexandra Lacroix
Video  Franziska Guggenbichler-Beck
Dramaturgy  Aïda Gabriels
Scenography  Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy 
Costumes  Céline Perrigon


Soprano  Astrid Stockman  
Countertenor  Logan Lopez Gonzalez 


Musical execution  SPECTRA
Violin  Pieter Jansen
Bass clarinet  Cédric De Bruycker
Viola  Anna Jälving
Cello  Hanna Kölbel

No stage, no chairs, none of the usual things…
Just a big glass box. And people dancing in an open space.
In the background the sound of a stirring beat.
Is this a club?


Be My Superstar is an interactive opera by the director Alexandra Lacroix and the composer Šimon Voseček. It is for anyone over 14 years and is based on Yann Verburgh’s H.S. tragedies ordinaires, a moving piece on bullying. Something that every youngster experiences sooner or later, close up or at a distance.


By transforming everyday bullying into words, images and music, Lacroix confronts us with the banality of the violence we are all capable of. And you can take that quite literally. As a spectator you are challenged to react to what is taking place there and then. Where does this violence originate? And where does it end up? The perpetrator becomes the victim and vice versa. Get ready for a powerful physical experience that will continue to reverberate.


Šimon Voseček’s composition will be performed live by a special SPECTRA quartet of violin, viola, cello and bass clarinet. The soprano Astrid Stockman and counter-tenor Logan Lopez Gonzalez join them on the stage.


Production of LOD muziektheater

In coproduction with Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Operosa, Helsinki Festival, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence, Snape Maltings Aldeburgh UK, Cie MPDA - Alexandra Lacroix, SPECTRA & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

In collaboration with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

With the support of the TAX Shelter measure of the Belgian federal gouvernment, enoa and Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, la Fondation Orange.