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accueil creation

© Michel Cooreman


opera for young audience

Il était une fois…la Flûte enchantée

upon Mozart's Magic Flute and compositions of Ana Seara

First performed - 26 August 2017

Il était une fois…la Flûte enchantée is an immersive performance for children based upon the music of Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

The audience’s imaginations go wild as the classic story of Mozart’s Magic Flute unfolds around them, sometimes from unexpected angles.


Composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Ana Seara

Stage director Heather Fairbairn

Dramaturg Sophie van der Stegen

Rerun Roxana Haines


Soprano Julie Gebhart (Waterloo, Luxembourg) / Vanessa Cera (Madrid)

Tenor Fabien Hyon (Waterloo, Luxembourg) / Andrés Agudelo (Madrid)

Baritone Guillaume Paire (Waterloo, Luxembourg) / Ihor Voievodin (Madrid)

Piano Julie Delbart - Marie Datcharry (Waterloo, Luxembourg) / Enrique Lapaz (Madrid)


Duration - 55 minutes

Workshop of masks making 30 minutes before the performance. 


A production of the Music Chapel in co-production with the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation with support of enoa and Creative Europe programme of the European Union.