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Carmen Case

Alexandra Lacroix, Elena Schwarz & Diana Soh

A femicide happened, the former partner José confessed the facts.

Yet, public opinion is not quite clear on who is the culprit. Let's open the hearing: what does the victim have to say? What would answer the murderer? 


Photos credit: Mégane Fontaine

Carmen, Cour d'assises is a behind close door hearing where the prosecutor, the victime, the defendant, the defence and witnesses expose the facts, respond to the charges and contest the allegation of diffemation.


Testimonies of a loyal audience, who has acclaimed Bizet's work for almost 150 years, will be heard, just like the score. The hearing is open!


An opera creation from Bizet's masterpiece, conceived by the stage director Alexandra Lacroix in collaboration with the composer Diana Soh and the conductor Elena Schwarz. Creators trio wishing to unveil alternatives from a destiny which shouldn't have been fatal, neither yesterday nor today...



Composition  Georges Bizet / Diana Soh
Libretto / Stage direction  Alexandra Lacroix
Musical direction  Elena Schwarz