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Marcia Lessa

in the making

opera for young audience

O Segredo do Rio

Ana Seara and Heather Fairbairn

"On the hottest nights of summer, when the heat would not let him sleep, the boy would descend quietly through his bedroom window and down to the brook. He would throw some pebbles into the water, which was the signal to call his friend. And the fish that slept in its hole, made of stones and branches of trees drawn by the current, would wake up with the sound of stones falling into the water and appear to the boy waiting on the banks.”

This opera for yound audience is inspired by the popular Portuguese children’s book O Segredo do Rio by Miguel Sousa Tavares. Tracing a
beautiful story of friendship between a young peasant boy and a gigantic fish, the author wrote the story in response to his son asking why stars do not fall from the sky. Miguel Sousa Tavares has issued his full support for Ana Seara and Heather Fairbairn to create an operatic adaptation of his celebrated book.