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Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Alexandra Lacroix

Residency for a stage director

04 - 08 March 2019

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

French director Alexandra Lacroix is invited to a two-sessions residency at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel to work on the opera Carmen


Session 1: 4-8 March 2019
Session 2: 24-28 April 2019

The objective of her residency is to work on the opera’s main roles and explore their resonance in the contemporary and modern society through debates, body expression, spoken and sung pieces.

The residency will also be the occasion to develop a video gathering street testimonies answering the questions « Do you know Carmen? Who is she? ».

The aim of the first session is to work on the dramaturgy of the piece by focusing on the roles of Carmen and Don José who will be performed by two singers of the Music Chapel. Students in musicology and Art History will participate in this session in the frame of the Campus Opera programme.  

The second session will be focused on two other roles from Bizet’s opera and will involve performers from the Chapel.

Each work session will end with an open session for the public.
Open session 1: 8 March 2019 at 2PM 
Open session 2: 28 April 2019