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LOD muziektheater

LOD muziektheater

Jamie Man

Residency for a composer

23 January - 27 February 2018

LOD muziektheater

British-born Chinese composer and conductor Jamie Man is invited by LOD muziektheater for a residency divided in several sessions from January to June 2018. 


During her Residency, Jamie Man will have the opportunity to be accompanied in the development of her new opera White Rabbit and her project SKIN: the purgatory we live in for baritone and ensemble that will be presented in the frame of TOTEM in Avignon in July 2018. This project is meant to be the 1st part of the opera White Rabbit
In order to support her trajectory in opera and music theatre, the residency will focus on:
- A close work with Bart Cappelle (dramaturg) to clarify the directions of White Rabbit.
- Meetings between Jamie Man and directors, stage designers, costume designers and authors 
- Working on the composition of SKIN, including work sessions with musicians
- Visiting several performances, following a production process, discussing with several institutions
Meetings between Jamie and the local audience to discover her as a composer and the progress on White Rabbit will be organised in the LOD studio, in collaboration with the conservatory of Ghent.