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Opera Creation Journey #2

selected project


In March 2022, enoa launched its second open call to find artistic teams to participate in its “Opera Creation Journey". 


With this programme, the network wishes to support truly exciting, brilliant and innovative projects, with the highest standards of quality, that embrace diversity in all of its forms; from new stories, perspectives and aesthetics to questioning of the art form itself. 


We received more than 70 applications and 4 projects have been selected to benefit from the network support. Here are the selected projects for the second of our Opera Creation Journey Programme.


Femenine / Masculin


Femenine / Masculin [working title] is a new performance work at the intersection of dance, music, and visual art exploring the music and legacy of Julius Eastman. Channeling the singular voice of Eastman, a queer, African-American composer who died in 1990, artists and choreographers Gerard & Kelly (France/USA) collaborate with writer Penda Diouf (France/Senegal) to extend his boundary-crossing practice into a contemporary opera installation.


Creative team:

Brennan Gerard & Ryan Kelly - co-directors and choreographers

Penda Diouf - dramaturge and librettiste


Grace Mugabe, The Opera


Grace Mugabe says she can hear her husband from the grave. She also says she embodies the spirit of the Zimbabwean liberation warrior and spirit medium Nehanda, and so, cannot die but must instead ascend to the ancestral realm. For this, she needs the help of her people, The Povo. The snag is that none of them like her, not enough to dance this difficult and long-forgotten ritual. Where can she turn?


A thrilling new opera about one of the most controversial modern female figures in African and International Politics. Dubbed “Gucci Grace” by Western media for her exhaustive shopping sprees, she has been both celebrated and vilified, and joins the ranks of powerful female figures such as Elena Ceausescu, Imelda Marcos, Melania Trump and Lady Macbeth. How do we view strong women in relation to the actions of the powerful men they sit beside? And what happens when one such woman refuses to let society define her?


Creative team:

Tonderai Munyevu - librettist and director

Rina Mushonga - composer


Woman & Machine