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Les Mamelles de Tirésias

Francis Poulenc

18 October 2012

Britten version for 2 pianos.

Libretto of Guillaume Apol­linaire.


Score arrangements  Emily Hindrichs

Pianists  Malcolm Martineau & Roger Vignoles (Aldeburgh), Roger Vignoles & David Smith & Edwige Herchenroder (Aix-en-Provence), Roger Vignoles & Philippe Riga (Brussels)

Stage director  Ted Huffman
Choreographer  Zack Winokur
Set & Costumes designer  Samal Blak
Light designer  Marcus Doshi


Thérèse / the Fortune teller 
Ariadne Greif (Adleburgh) / Julie Mossay - Aoife Miskelly (Aix & Brussels) / Hrafnhildur Arnadóttir (Amsterdam)

The Theatre Director  
Anthony Birnie (Aldeburgh) / Mathieu Gardon (Aix & Brussels) / Clément Dionet (Amsterdam)

The Husband  
Matthew Morris (Aldeburgh) / Jean-Jacques L'Anthoën - Timothy McDevitt (Aix & Brussels) / Drew Santini (Amsterdam)

Monsieur Presto  
Anthony Birnie (Aldeburgh) / Ronan Debois (Aix & Brussels) / Rubèn Plantinga (Amsterdam)

Monsieur Lacouf  
J. Andy McCullough (Aldeburgh) / Romain Pascal (Aix & Brussels) / Olivier Trommenschlager (Amsterdam)

The Policeman  
Johnny Hereford (Aldeburgh) / Guillaume Paire (Aix & Brussels) / Jorne van Bergeijk (Amsterdam)

A newspaper vendor  
Louise Fenbury (Aldeburgh) / Sarah Laulan (Aix & Brussels) / Marta Herman (Amsterdam)

A reporter from Paris  
Steven van Gils (Aldeburgh) / Samy Camps (Aix & Brussels) / Pierre Derhet (Amsterdam)

The Son
Tristan Stocks (Aldeburgh) / Benjamin Alunni (Aix & Brussels) / Mitch Raemaerkers (Amsterdam)

An elegant lady
 Belinda Evans (Aldeburgh) / Aoife Miskelly - Julie Mossay (Aix & Brussels) / Zinzi Frohwein (Amsterdam)

A woman  
Clare Presland (Aldeburgh) / Eva Ganizate (Aix) / Marie Cubaynes (Brussels)

Chorus soprano  
Nathalie Morazin (Aix) / Caroline Jestaedt (Brussels) / Garce Carter (Amsterdam)



In 1958, Benjamin Britten programmed an opera by his friend Francis Poulenc for that year’s Aldeburgh Festival. His festival had a tradition of performing new opera – not just by Britten – and over twenty years, an established team of singers, directors and designers had produced many works for the first time in the atmospheric little Jubilee Hall in Aldeburgh. Due to the space limitations Britten decided to arrange the orchestral score of Les Mamelles de Tirésias into a version for 2 pianos which he and Poulenc would play. Peter Pears took the role of the husband (transposed up for tenor) and there was also a new translation of the libretto made by himself, Britten and the singer/designer Colin Graham.



A co-production of Snape Maltings, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel with the support of enoa and the Cuture Programme of the European Union.