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accueil training

Marie-Françoise Plissart


Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Exploring the French repertoire

with Sophie Koch and José van Dam

04 - 06 May 2020

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Under the mentoring of Music Chapel's master in residence for the voice section José van Dam, as well as their guest master Sophie Koch, both much renewed for their participation to the exploration of the French repertoire, the participants will be able to work in parallel on melodies and arias. 

The mentoring of Sophie Koch and José van Dam will bring new tools and new perspectives to the participants to improve their skills in singing the French repertoire. They will also be given the chance of working with a composer on a contemporary piece

French coach: tbc
Pianist coach: Philippe Riga


The workshop's objectives


Understanding the specificity of the French repertoire, in terms of history, intonation, accent (with the help of a French coach) and working with a composer on a contemporary piece in French. 


A public concert will take place at the end of the workshop. 


 Practical informations

Location (venue and address):
Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel
Chaussée de Tervuren 445
1410 Waterloo - Belgium


Arrival date: May 3rd evening or 4th morning (before 11am)


Departure date: May 6th from 5pm onward


Subscription’s deadline: January 15th 2020


Number of participants; This workshop is open to 6 participants from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and 6 recommended by member institutions of enoa.


Accommodation: possible depending on availability at Music Chapel in a studio with piano: 40 euros/night including breakfast and self-made dinner. In the case of a duo (piano/voice), the studio will have to be shared by the members of the duo.


Per-diem: depending of the internal rules of each institution


 Application process

- the artist must be connected to one of the 13 enoa member institutions
- the artist must contact his/her sending institution, which decides if they recommend his/her application
- the hosting institution confirms the list of participants
- the network assumes the responsibility for the training fees, the costs of accommodation and travel


The candidate must provide :
- a CV
- at least 2 previously recorded videos (including at least one French aria)
- a selection of 4 opera arias/melodies for the workshop – all in French
- The hosting organization’s musical director and jury will choose amongst those to be sung during the workshop, depending on the definitive schedule, and notify the selected candidates by March 1st 2020.The candidate will be notified of the chosen aria at the same time.


All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to their personal situation.


 Artistic requirements

Selection criteria: experience in the French repertoire and in contemporary music


Tessitura: all


Programme to prepare: 2 melodies & 2 arias in French from the 19th century onward / proposal to be send with the application


Specific expectations: will to learn new tools and put them into practice, will to work closely with a composer during a full session (around 2 hours) and past experience in contemporary music