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Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

Moving Opera, a workshop for choreographers

with Ariadna Montfort & Estela Merlos

19 - 27 September 2021

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía


In collaboration with Festival ENSEMS (Festival for Contemporary Music) and Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía will host a workshop for choreographers from different fields of the (dance) industry.


The workshop will be mentored by Ariadna Montfort and Estela Merlos, both experienced in choreography for opera productions, and it will be the opportunity for the participants to test new forms and new narratives of choreography within the 'world' of opera.



In a week time the participating choreographers will explore, together with Ariadna and Estela, a choreographic language, using the idea of reimagining a new operatic and physical narrative.


The collaborative process will culminate with a new choreographic creation. From that moment the choreographers get the unique chance to test their choreography with the support of a live orchestra, giving them an experience as close as possible to a real operatic performance.


The result of this workshop will be an exploration of choreographic narratives in the modern operatic environment. It may be the basis for further exploration in the future. 


Objectives of this workshops:


The workshop wishes to embrace choreographic narratives from other industries than considered being 'common' in the operatic field. The participants will have the opportunity to 'get to know' the environment of an opera house and will be able to create and work with a live orchestra.


The workshop will be a full exploration of narratives and can lead to any type of choreographic outcome. However, as a guideline we will use the piece ¨Mosaic¨ by Elliott Carter.


The workshop is not meant to teach participants ´how it works´ but rather to open the conversation of what each of the participants can bring in, and what new narratives can come to life.


On the last day of the workshop week, the participants will present their result, together with the orchestra, within the Festival.


 Practical informations


Date: From September 19th to 27th 2021

Place: Palau de les Arts, Reina Sofia – Valencia / Av. Del Professor López Piñero, 1, 46013 Valencia, Spain


 Application process


- the artist must be connected to one of the 12 enoa member institutions

- the artist must contact her sending institution, which decides if they recommend her application

- the hosting institution confirms the list of participants after the registration deadline

- the network assumes the responsibility for the training fees, the costs of accommodation and travel 


Application requirements:


• a resume

•  a video of at least 1 minute explaining why they want to join the workshop

• a showreel of their choreographic work


All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to their personal situation.


The enoa network is actively seeking to support artists currently under-represented in the opera world for historical, cultural or social reasons.

More information on enoa’s commitments




Number of participants: 8

- Positions reserved for participants supported by enoa organisations: 4

- Positions reserved for participants selected by the hosting institution: 4


 Artistic requirements


We are looking for open minded and creative participants with a choreographic background who have a collaborative approach in sharing and exchanging ideas. Musical sensitivity and special interest in the operatic field will be appreciated, as for flexibility and interest in exploring a variety of narratives and interpretative skills.


We seek for choreographers who are interested in physical investigation. The workshop will aim to establish a space where artistic diversity shall lead to a rich environment for creative input and development in a collaborative manner.