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Real art for real people?

Creating new generation's theatre in the digital age

10 - 15 February 2020

Digitalization has reached all areas of art by now. But what does this imply for music, theatre, the music-making, singers and performers? What is the artistic expression potential of the new media or the AI? How do our sound possibilities and ways of playing change, but also our ideas of sound? Does digitalization mean the end of all subjective expression and free interaction? What is the innovation for you?

The first part of this workshop is dedicated especially to research.


How exactly do new media influence our perception? How does this change our way to experience theatre? What does this mean for young artists who are creators and performers? What kind of media are we able to use to artistically transfer the changes of human communication and behaviours to an artistic level? 

During the workshop the participants shall try to form artistic teams and start working together.
The last day of the workshop is dedicated to present the first drafts of concepts for mini operas (10-15 minutes).


The workshop is organised by the Theaterakademie August Everding in cooperation with the Young Opera (JOiN) of the Staatsoper Stuttgart and will be mentored by:

Elena Tzavara, stage director, head of Junge Oper Stuttgart
Martin Schüttler, composer, Professor for composition at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart. 


 Practical informations

Location: Staatsoper Stuttgart 

Arrival date: 09 February 2020

Departure date: 16 February 2020

Subscription’s deadline: 14 October 2019

Number of participants:  8 recommended by enoa members / 8 from the hosting institution

Accommodation (description and price for the sending institution): Motel-One, 79 Euros per day


 Application process

- the artist must be connected to one of the 13 enoa member institutions*
- the artist must contact his/her sending institution, which decides if they recommend his/her application
- the hosting institution confirms the list of participants 
- the network assumes the responsibility for the training fees, the costs of accommodation and travel of the artists recommended by the member institutions. 
All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to their personal situation.


 Artistic requirements

Selection criteria: please send your CV and a short letter (800-1000 characters) in English answering the following questions

> What is your interest in the artistic engagement with "Digital Age" as subject matter or as musical challenge?

> What would you like to tell us?

> How would you approach music theatre (or better: from which perspective would you approach it) with the help of digitisation?


Programme to prepare: will be communicated later



Time to apply !


Deadline to apply: 14th October 2019


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