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Modern repertoire for voices

20 - 30 November 2013

Workshop on contemporary repertoire for singers.

During this workshop in collaboration with VOCAALLAB we offer young singers a training on contemporary repertoire (o.a. Andriessen, Padding, Berio, Cage, Feldman, Kagel, Vivier). Together with masters/teachers in this repertoire you explore contemporary vocal works and at the same time develop your theatrical and rhythmical skills with specialists in dance, theater and commedia dell’arte.

This second workshop focuses on perfecting the various languages of contemporary vocal music through a selection of pieces with varied styles, as soloists or in ensembles of 2 to 8 voices. The objective is to understand and get familiar with the particularities of these new languages (intonations, harmonies, rhythms, vocal timbre, transition from speaking to singing, micro-intervals) in order to find a susceptible interpretation.

 Singers who are interested in singing a role in the staged contemporary opera Kopernikus of Claude Vivier can apply before September 1st for an audition for a role which will take place in Amsterdam on September 21st + 22nd. Please contact your sending institution for more information.