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Márcia Lessa



Outra Margem

Nuno da Rocha, Rita Fernandes, Pedro Ribeiro

In September 2015, Portuguese composer Nuno da Rocha participated to a workshop mentored by Martin Crimp and Nicholas McNair at LOD muziektheater in Ghent where young writers and composers were invited to reflect on the Orpheus Myth and present an opera project. Together with writer Rita Fernandes, they started to develop their project and participated to a first opera LAB in Helsinki (August 2016) followed by a second LAB at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon (February 2017) joined by stage director Pedro Ribeiro.

Associated artists

Rita Fernandes


Pedro Ribeiro

stage director

The story of Outra Margem illustrates the return of 35-year old Lúcia and her 45-year old sister Filomena to their home village after more than fifteen years away. Lúcia hopes that this trip will allow them to spend some time on their own and help Filomena alleviate all the symptoms of schizophrenia which she has suffered from since her twenties.


In the village by a river, Filomena will be ravaged by hallucinations and old memories that triggered her illness. The voices of the river will accompany both women's journey through the past and accentuate all of Filomena’s traumas.


Lúcia, who secretly hopes to save her sister from the illness, will discover in this place the true reason that led Filomena into a schizophrenic world and what she finds will also transform her forever.


For these two sisters this is a one-way journey to an inaccessible shore. It reveals the impact of schizophrenia on a family, how each person has a different perception of reality and despite the changes of personality that they may suffer, whether or not they are willing to accept a different reality.