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Miguel Lorenzo


opera creation journey

Opera Creation Journey #2

open call

Nov 22 > Feb 24


For the second time, enoa launches an open call to find artistic teams to participate in its “Opera Creation Journey". 


The network wishes to support truly exciting projects, with the highest standards of quality, that embrace diversity in all of its forms; from new stories, perspectives , and aesthetics to questioning of the art form itself. 


enoa’s objective is to find brilliant and innovative projects, in line with its manifesto and commitments to equality and diversity. Crucially, the project should be in the final stages of development. 


Deadline: May 17th, 2022 (11:59pm French time)

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Download full application details here


If you want to meet us, you can check the enoa who’s who.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Sophie or Lucile at info@enoa-community.com


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In line with the enoa manifesto, we will be looking for projects that mutually enforce diversity and excellence through these criteria and much more:


       • At least one, but preferably more, of the artistic contributors are of different backgrounds

       • This project is inclusive of all genders

       • This project explores stories/themes rarely told in opera

       • This project challenges the traditional forms and aesthetics of opera

       • Characters/protagonists rarely seen in opera are placed at the center of the narrative

       • This project celebrates an intercultural dialogue

       • This project aims to open institutions’ doors to new opera audiences

       • This project centers disabled artists and/or narratives and ensures disability is not a barrier to participation


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First Round

Your application will be reviewed by an external reading panel made up of independent experts:

       • Magdalini Giannikou, composer & producer, Spain, more info here

       • Elayce Ismail, director and dramaturg, United-Kingdom, more info here

       • Sjaron Minailo, director, Israel / Netherlands, more info here


Tonic will be working with both the network and panellists to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion during this selection process.


The reading panel will assess all the applications and make a selection of up to 50 projects.


Second Round

These projects will proceed to a selection committee composed of enoa partners’ artistic representatives. 


Six to eight projects will be selected to go through the Opera Creation Journey. For a project to be selected, one of the enoa partners must commit to accompany the project development.





The enoa network commits to offer every creative team personalised feedback on their application. 


All the non-selected teams will therefore receive written feedback in a few months following the end of the selection process.


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Deadline to apply: May 17th, 2022 (11:59pm French time)
We will not be able to accept late applications. 


Application should be fulfilled online.


 Who are we


enoa is the European network of opera academies, composed of 12 members, which has been supporting and accompanying artists in training and creation for 12 years. The network firmly believes that the future of opera in Europe depends on the sector being open to a greater diversity of artists as well as being open to exploring innovative operas celebrating stories that reflect the world today. 



Since 2009, the network has been working to create the ideal environment to support new opera projects and has encouraged the development of more than 29 projects with 22 coproductions, including 17 world premieres! 


Our priority for the Opera Creation Journey and commitment of the Empowering Opera programme is the uncovering of new stories and showcasing the work of artists as yet untold and unheard in the opera world.

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Through our first Opera Creation Journey open call (January 21), we have selected and are currently supporting eight creative teams, in their journey to develop their opera project.


You can learn more about our Labs: how it goes and how artists are working within it or listen to artists talking about their creative process, career development and experience within enoa.


You could also discover the creative process behind some enoa's opera - from the very first ideas to reaching a World Premiere:

       • The Sleeping Thousand, a political and committed opera by Adam Maor and Yonathan Levy

       • Be My Superstar, an interactive opera about bullying by Simon Voseček and Alexandra Lacroix

       • To our Sisters, to our Brothers, a European diptych directed by Stephane Ghislain Roussel with En vertu de, a new work composed by Eugene Birman, followed by Der Kaiser von Atlantis composed by Viktor Ullmann


 What do we offer


We offer time and space to creative teams to develop their innovative opera project on our ‘Opera Creation Journey’ through mentorship and research and development time (Labs).The goal is to support the advancement of six to eight opera projects during 15 months, until February 2024. As the duration of support is only 15 months, we are looking to support advanced projects. 


If selected, this journey will be bespoke to your team and built around the needs of your project. 




       • Kick off workshop for the selected teams - a chance to meet your fellow artists, a workshop to better equip your team to advocate for your opera, support on finding funding, unconscious bias training, the chance to share your projects with each other, space for networking and group discussion, pitch session in front of the enoa board, etc. (programme subject to change)


       • Mentoring - you will be paired with a dedicated enoa institution who will provide support and mentorship for your project. This mentorship will be adapted to your needs and could take different formats (i.e. regular meetings, review of samples, connection with potential contacts, etc.). You will benefit from a dedicated contact person within the institution.


       • Labs - residential research and development time for your project hosted by one or several enoa institutions (from 3 to 10 days maximum). Your dedicated enoa institution will support you logistically the organisation of those Labs.


       • Pitch opportunities - there will be the opportunity to pitch your project to the enoa Board




       • All international travel and accommodation - for Labs and pitch sessions


       • Development fee - dedicated budget, up to 2.500€ per team, to support the work and development of the project in-between the Labs 


DURATION: 15 months (November 2022 - February 2024) 


Download full application details here


 Application process




Each team is expected to submit a project proposal via an online form, including: 


1. Personal information (first names, names, gender identity, professions, nationalities and hometowns, contact details of lead contact) 


2. Supporting material for your creative team:

       • a short bio of each member of the team (200 words maximum per artist)

       • two links or files for each member of your creative team: if possible, samples of the current project (e.g. mood boards, sounds, videos, images, texts, etc.), otherwise you can submit relevant work/supporting material that you feel best represents your work e.g. sounds, videos, images, texts, etc.


3. Questions about your project planning: please download this document and answer the questions directly in it.

       • Regarding your team composition

       • Regarding the progress your project is at

       • Regarding your needs and objectives

       • Regarding project trajectory/timeline


4. A project proposal to include: 

       • A written project presentation (500 words maximum

       • A video of intent (four minutes maximum) for us to meet the team members and to get a clear vision of your project* – e.g. giving information about why you decided to make this project, why now and why opera?

*If you can’t create this video, it is also possible to send a covering letter (2 pages maximum)


Your application must be sent before May 17th, 2022 (11:59pm French time). We will not be able to accept late applications


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- To share those documents: you’ll be asked to upload them all on a platform like Dropbox or Google Drive or use file transfer service like WeTransfer or Smash and paste the link in the form.

- enoa is a European network and, in order to share every application we receive with our members, we need to have an English version of it. Nevertheless, you can submit your video in another language if you add English subtitles to the video

WARNING: After you have clicked on "Submit" in the online form, your application will be send so please, make sure to double check it using the arrows beforehand!






✔ Quality : the network is hoping for the highest standards and will assess the three main areas:

       • Sound/music

       • Idea of staging/space/design

       • Libretto/narrative

For each of those, the network will look at the team composition, the ideas presented, the materials shared.

✔ Clear and well-developed concept: the network will be attentive to the coherence of the three previous aspects, the relevance of the subject, the amount of research already done, etc.

✔ Distinctive and unique project: the network is looking for innovative projects that challenge the current opera landscape (form, narrative, music, staging, etc.), with relevant and/or urgent subject-matter.

✔ Diversity: the network wishes to support projects that embrace our equality & diversity, as listed in our enoa commitments and manifesto

✔ Project planning: the network will assess the level of development of the project, in order to evaluate if it can be supported over 15 months.




✔ A diverse team of artists: at least one, but preferably more, of the project team should be from an under-represented group (or groups) in opera.

The network believes that different perspectives foster innovation, creativity and empathy in a way that homogenous teams seldom do.

✔ As a full team is an important element of a developing project, we will not accept solo applications.

✔ A team composed of someone in charge of the sound/music and of other team members in charge of the staging/space/design and/or in charge of the libretto/narrative.

✔ The network is open to every formal or informal artistic background

✔ Team must be able to understand English

✔ Team must be European based

✔ No age limit