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accueil creation il était une fois…la flûte enchantée

© Michel Cooreman


opera for young audience

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

lab #

LAB - La (petite) Flûte enchantée

25 November - 04 December 2016

Following the enoa workshop « Music Theatre for Young Audiences » organised at the Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich where the creation team met, the project was conceptualised by Sophie van der Stegen (dramaturg) and developed with Heather Fairbairn (stage director), including as well Ana Seara (composer) for the composition of a original soundscape introducing the audience to the music of Mozart, at the very beginning, before the overture. 


Associated artists

Ana Seara


Heather Fairbairn

stage director

Sophie van der Stegen


The Lab concluded with 4 performances taking place at the Music Chapel. The aim was to explore the possibilities of an immersive and participative form of an opera, for children. The challenges were various, for the stage director and for the singers, who are not anymore separated from the audience by the frontality of a stage, but mixed together. 


Four performances were planned, each performance was preceded by a “mask” session; the audience members entered the hall where origami papers were laid on the floor and they used them to create their beak.


Question & Answer session
A 10 minutes Question & Answer session was planned in order to let the performers (singers and musicians) introduce themselves to the audience. This was planned in order to facilitate the young audience’s fascination, not only with the content (e.g. why particular characters did or said particular things in the story etc.) but also process (e.g. how they learnt to sing, how long were rehearsals for, whether they play any other instruments etc.). 


Alain Garichot

stage director